Microbiome Analysis

ENBIOSIS is sequencing all intestinal bacteria using 16S rRNA, which is the next generation sequencing technique and the gold standard worldwide.It then converts this output into meaningful results using its artificial intelligence algorithms.

Dietitian Support

A personalized microbiome analysis report and a personalized nutrition report are created using an artificial intelligence algorithm. Once the report is ready, our expert dietitians will work with you for 6 weeks. During this time your dietitian will walk you through a personalized nutrition program, designed specifically for you and your needs. Following this program will allow you to regulate your intestinal flora and prevent diseases that may occur in the future.

Personalized Prebiotics

ENBIOSIS has adopted a personalized approach to nutritional support. Based on your microbiome analysis report we produce prebiotics that are most suitable for your intestinal flora. Consuming them along with nutritional supplements will allow you to restore the optimal microbiome balance.