Your Skin Microbiome Can Determine Your Age

We know that our skin is our best accessory… Do you want to have smooth skin for many years like everyone else? So, how do you take care of your skin’s beauty? You can apply all the best-quality makeup in the world to your skin, but your skin microbiome does not lie… The way to have beautiful skin is not to cover it with makeup, but to reveal its inner beauty!

Our metabolic age is largely driven by microorganisms. Our microbiome is born, grows, ages, and dies with us. However, since it is a biologically independent entity, it can have a structure that is older or younger than us, and this is a factor that will directly determine how young or old our metabolism is. Recent studies have revealed the relationship between the effects of aging and the microbiome more closely:

It has been discussed that regressing the age of the microbiome through various interventions (eating habits, probiotic use, microbiome transplantation) may delay or prevent aging.

Scientists analyzed the gut microbiota using artificial intelligence technology and tried to predict the chronological age of individuals. Are you curious about the connection between skin microbiome, gut microbiota, and overall health? Let’s take a closer look!

Skin Microbiome and Health Study

IBM recently collaborated with the University of San Diego on microbiology studies. The scientists tested samples from 9,000 individuals between 18 and 90 years of age. These samples consisted of gut microbiota, oral microbiota, and skin microbiota.

Scientists were able to determine the ages of the participants by conducting microbiome analysis using artificial intelligence technology. Some of the results were quite accurate. In addition, the gut and oral microbiota of young subjects were found to be more diverse and abundant compared to the older subjects in the study.

Understanding how our gut microbiota communicates with other microbiomes in our body is important in the early diagnosis of diseases. Researchers have stated that gut microbiota can help identify cases of autoimmune diseases or cardiovascular disease.

Microbiome Analysis and Skin Health

One of the main reasons our skin microbiota is so dynamic is that our skin microbiota communicates with our gut microbiota. This communication network between skin microbiota and gut microbiota is known as the gut-skin axis.
Inflammation caused by gut microbiota is the fundamental cause for various skin diseases.

Some of these diseases are as follows:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Loss of Collagen
  • Allergies
  • Psoriasis

If you want to rejuvenate your skin naturally and help it regain its natural glow, you should first try to improve yourself from the inside, and then the outside. Regain the beauty within you by understanding which gut microbiota is causing your skin problems!


If you have skin problems, these problems are mostly caused by allergies to foods. The more you consume allergy-inducing foods, the more your skin inflammation will increase. As a result, you may also end up destroying the beneficial microbiota on your skin…

Microbiome Analysis

Would you like to conduct microbiome analysis and learn your microbiome age? Do you wonder how much younger or older than you your gut is?

Most importantly, the key to dietary habits that will rejuvenate your microbiome lies in microbiome analysis! When you consume foods suitable for your microbiome, you will nourish your microbiome and skin, and also get younger!

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